cargo lanyards DIN 1478

Lanyards cargo M10 fork-fork DIN 1478
Lanyards cargo M12 fork-fork DIN 1478
Lanyards cargo M16 fork-fork DIN 1478
Lanyards cargo M20 fork-fork DIN 1478
Lanyards cargo M24 fork-fork DIN 1478
Lanyards cargo M8 fork-fork DIN 1478

cargo lanyards DIN 1478

Almost all DIN 1478 cargo lanyards are of the most technically complex closed type - with a special “fork-fork” assembly (100% prevention of slipping, only in case of mechanical destruction of the “fork”!).

Indispensable in everyday life and industry:

• construction of overpasses, buildings and structures (bridges);

• how to stretch masts and antennas;

• design of information and advertising stands;

• installation of cable-stayed systems, etc.

They function according to the principle of gradually choosing the length of the cable (chain). Designed for application of longitudinal loads only! Side forces are not allowed.

Size (model) range

Typical cargo turnbuckles DIN 1478 are produced by hot forging with a length (maximum distance between fastening bolts located in the forks of the fastening element) from 155 to 760 mm. The length range of the central part ranges from 100 to 400 mm.

The minimum carrying capacity is 0.2 tons, the maximum is 11 tons. "Spread" of metric threads - from M 6 to M 50.


The standard design includes a hollow base, into the opposite ends of which two rod elements with a U-shaped branch - "forks" are screwed. The shanks of the opposite end have a thread corresponding to the thread in the bore of the coupling, "twisted" opposite to each other (to prevent self-loosening during tension):

• right;

• left.

The fasteners are threaded rods or bolts with nuts.

According to the German standard, cargo turnbuckles DIN 1478 are made of carbon stainless steel of two grades:

• A 2;

• A 4.

Galvanizing of surfaces is obligatory: hot or galvanic (cold) methods.