Lanyard chain tensioner - Ratchet

Lanyard chain tensioner - Ratchet

Lanyard chain tensioner - Ratchet - an independent category of fasteners that "work" on the principle of twisting, not screwing into the clutch of the grippers. The increase in tension occurs due to the gradual selection of gaps by tightening the chain connecting the load grippers: this is how the fixing force is formed.

Most often, a chain sling (also known as a chain tie) is used to fix loads on trawl platforms (hook-and-hook ends), on a high-rise construction site - where it is only required to hold long weights on rigid supporting structures. Due to the presence of only the axial component of the tensile force, the product is not suitable for lifting objects and holding them in a vertical position!

Size (model) range

Typical Lanyard Chain Tensioner - Ratchet is available in Grade 8 forged hardened steel, usually tempered. Size ranges differ in two parameters:

• chain caliber;

• chain length.

The larger the gauge, the higher the maximum load on the chain: 6 mm withstands 4000 kg, 8 mm - 6300 kg, and 16 mm - 20,000 kg maximum with a standard 3.5 times safety factor.


Lanyard Chain Tensioner - Ratchet is a sturdy construction that creates equal forces from the supporting surface and counterweight. Composed of three key components:

• cable-stayed tensioner (chain);

• tensioning mechanism (ratchet and shaft mounted on a ratchet wheel (lever in simple models!));

• 2 slings (load-gripping element).

Unlike the clutch version, the chain one is allowed to be used not in pairs, but in a single copy: its opposite end, for a uniform redistribution of the tension force, is rigidly connected to the supporting part of the platform.

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