Lanyard stainless steel A4

Lanyard stainless steel A4

Lanyard stainless steel A4 - a group of extra strong hardware made of stainless carbon austenitic steel grade A4, with a carbon content by weight not exceeding 0.08%. To increase the ability to resist corrosion and the corrosive effects of acids, 2-3% molybdenum is added to a mixture of 15-26% chromium and 5-25% nickel.

Products made from such steel are absolutely non-magnetic and have higher anti-magnetic characteristics than their counterparts from A2, etc.

Size (model) range

Stainless steel lanyard A4 is produced in closed and open types. Variety of load-gripping endings:

• plug for crimping;

• "loop-hook";

• "fork-fork";

• fork-swivel with clamp, etc.

The minimum diameter of the working part is 5 mm, the maximum diameter is 20 mm. The length of the coupling is from 70 to 590 mm, the diameter of the cable is from 2.5 to 12 mm. Larger copies are made to order!


Traditionally, stainless steel lanyard A4 is used where chemically aggressive (acids, active chlorine) and humid environments (sea water) are not excluded - in shipbuilding, in equipment for swimming pools.

The temperature range of trouble-free operation is from -60 to 450 ° С.

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