Plastic wire for trellis (polyester agrospalera) 3mm

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Plastic wire for trellis for grapes, raspberries, currants and other crops grown on the trellis.Characteristics Plastic wire for trellis (polyester agrospalier) 3mmWire diameter - 3 mmMaterial - polyester monofilamentWir... Read more...
Plastic wire for trellis for grapes, raspberries, currants and other crops grown on the trellis.

Characteristics Plastic wire for trellis (polyester agrospalier) 3mm

  • Wire diameter - 3 mm
  • Material - polyester monofilament
  • Wire spool length - 1000 meters
  • Black color
  • Manufacturer's stretch ratio - 11%
  • Withstand load - 365 kg
  • Manufacturer - SIAT Italy

Advantages of 3mm plastic wire:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • High speed of work with this wire
  • Minimum set of tools
  • Less traumatic
  • No corrosion impact
  • Resistant to pesticides
  • High temperature conditions
  • Great price for 1 running meter
  • Convenient winding on a plastic coil
Disadvantages of plastic agrospaler 3mm:
  • Can be cut with pruning shears
  • Loosely curls between its own threads

Telephone review: Evgeniy Topal (Kiliya):

On my small plot of land up to 2 acres, in the season I try to plant tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, carrots, various greens, in general, just a little bit. Every year I change places of culture on the site. Planting eggplants and carrots in a new place is not a problem, but with tomatoes and cucumbers it is more difficult. For cucumbers, I buy a plastic net and it is easier to harvest them on this net, and there is more harvest, the fruits on the ground do not deteriorate. I fix the mesh on the plastic wire. I stretch the wire between two wooden stakes. My whole structure is completely collapsible and moves from place to place every year. With plastic wire, assembly and disassembly is much easier and faster. I also pulled the arbor with grapes with this plastic wire. I am completely satisfied with this wire, I have been using it for the third year, I advise you to use it!

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