Anchorage for grape trellis

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Anchorage for grape trellis

Anchoring for grape trellis - a set of accessories for installing a trellis in one row.

This means a set of necessary goods for attaching anchor posts at the beginning of the row and at the end. The anchoring consists of an anchor (anchor) for a vineyard, a sling with one loop and a tensioning lock, as well as here you can use various necessary products that you want to use either for the convenience of fastening - a clip for the cable, or to increase the service life of the cable - a thimble.

  • For beginners, when installing an anchorage, we advise you to follow a few rules that will help you do better:
  •  if you have several rows on which you want to install the trellis, we advise you to first install one row completely. You will see the final result and make fewer mistakes in the future and get a more desired option.
  • first, make a markup for the pillars, it is advisable to make the diameter of the hole with a margin, for accurate setting of the angle of inclination of the pillar in 15-20 degrees towards the future anchor. The depth of digging in the pillar is at least 50 cm. Tamp the earth well inside the hole, and also compact the soil as the pillar is buried.
  • when screwing in the anchor: screw it in at a right angle, if the anchor screw rests against a small stone in the ground, it can turn it and screw it in further. Use a screw-in lever - any item that can be inserted into the anchor eyelet. If the eye of the anchor has turned 90 degrees, and the anchor is not screwed in, then it is better to stop - this means that the stone is significant and the thickness of the screw metal will not be enough. The eye of the anchor is made "cold" and therefore will not break, first of all the blade of the auger will bend on the grape anchor. You will have to screw the anchor in a different place or try to get out of the ground what is in the way.
  • when fastening with a cable from the post to the anchor, do not stretch. The cable tension should be carried out alternately with the wire in the rows. With the correct balance of the tension of the uppermost line and the cable to the anchor, you will minimize the angle of inclination of the post, thereby all rows can be set perfectly even in relation to each other.
  • after balancing the tension of the uppermost wire line in the row and tensioning the cable to the anchor, you should start attaching the upper wire line to the intermediate posts along the entire row from the middle of the row, since the fastening will be directed towards tightening, and the degree of tension of the upper wire line will increase. This is especially true when attaching the wire to the inter-row posts with concrete fixes.
  • further tension of the middle and bottom lines of the wires, followed by fixation to the intermediate posts

We hope that our recommendations in building a grape trellis will help you. We will be glad to receive your feedback, and if you have any questions - please call the company or order a call back, we will be happy to advise!