Trellis for grapes

Anchor anchor for vineyard galvanized for trellis
Anchor for vineyard galvanized for trellis - a metal product made of reinforcement and sheet metal. ..
Anchor for the vineyard trellis
Anchor anchor for vineyard and grape trellis - used when installing grape trellis, as well as raspbe..
80.00грн. 76.00грн.
Bandofix garter material 5cm
Bandofix garter 5cm is an Italian-made rubber product with an anchor for the exemplary vineyard. Be..
Clamp for cable 4mm
The cable clamp is a universal metal fastener for cables and ropes of various thicknesses, providing..
Clamp for cable 8mm
The cable clamp is a universal metal fastener for cables and ropes of various thicknesses, providing..
Garden rope (7x19, 5.8mm) 4m
Garden rope is used when installing trellis for fruit trees and shrubs. It is a metal product coated..
Garden wire high carbon Bekaert 2.7 mm
Professional high-carbon wire with aluminum-zinc coating from the world famous manufacturer: Diamet..
High carbon wire for vineyard and garden 2.5mm
manufactured in accordance with TU; hot-dip galvanized a method that provides a higher layer of zinc..
High-carbon wire for vineyard and garden Bekaert 2.5 mm
Professional high-carbon wire with aluminum-zinc coating from the world famous manufacturer: Diamet..
Knitted grape garter rings
Knitted rings are the best option for garters of grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, raspberries, currants ..
Pine posts for vineyard 80mm length 2.5 m
We offer rounded pine poles (diameter 80 mm, length 2.5 meters) and impregnated with TANALIT-E antis..
Pine posts for vineyard ф 100mm length 4 m
We offer rounded pine poles (diameter 100 mm, 4 meters long) and impregnated with TANALIT-E antisept..
Plastic wire for trellis (polyester agrospalera) 1,8mm
Plastic wire for trellis for grapes, raspberries, currants and other crops grown on the trellis.Spec..
2,000.00грн. 1,900.00грн.
Plastic wire for trellis (polyester agrospalera) 2.2mm
Plastic wire for trellis for grapes, raspberries, currants and other crops grown on the trellis.Spec..
2,000.00грн. 1,900.00грн.
Plastic wire for trellis (polyester agrospalera) 3mm
Plastic wire for trellis for grapes, raspberries, currants and other crops grown on the trellis.Char..
2,000.00грн. 1,900.00грн.

Trellis for grapes

The grape trellis is a structure for supporting and shaping the vines of a grape bush.

The advantages of using a grape trellis consist of simple advantages:

even distribution of shoots over the area;

organization of solar lighting;

ease of caring for grapes;

ease of sheltering the vineyard for the winter;

creation of favorable conditions for airing and pollination;

the possibility of mechanization of work on care and harvesting.

Benefits of growing grapes on a trellis:

In addition to easy maintenance of grape bushes, the trellis system has a great impact on the quantity and quality of the harvest:

good sunlight enhances fruiting and ripening of berries;

even distribution of the growth of the bush creates favorable conditions for pollination;

increasing the ventilation area reduces the risk of developing fungal diseases;

bunches of grapes do not come into contact with the soil, do not get dirty and do not deteriorate.

Winegrowers know how difficult it is to care for these whimsical plants. The trellis system creates all the necessary conditions for the full growth of seedlings and the ripening of grapes.

The choice of materials for the construction of a trellis for grapes with your own hands:

In landscape design decisions, most often they resort to a wooden trellis for grapes. That is, they knock down a lattice from a wooden lath and plant wild grapes, since they are less whimsical to care for.

In the case when the bunch of grapes itself is of interest, the wooden lattice will not be convenient.

In the courtyards of private houses in the southern and central regions of Ukraine, high U-shaped or L-shaped metal structures - arbors are welded to support the vine. The grapes, sprouting along such a trellis, protects the yard from the scorching summer sun, and in the fall it bears fruit. But in terms of construction, such a structure is expensive and requires thorough concreting of the racks, a welding machine and a lot of metal. It also takes more time to care for the grapes due to the ripening height of the bunches.

The most simple trellis for construction and maintenance is considered to be a trellis for grapes with a combination of pillars and stretched wire. Grape care is an ideal option, since all work is carried out at the level of the reach of the hands, and that is why agro-industrial enterprises have chosen this structure as the basis for grape trellis. For this design of the trellis, harvesters are made.

 Our website contains all the accessories for the installation and maintenance of do-it-yourself grape trellis:

Wire - reliable high-carbon metal with increased zinc coating, convenient plastic (polyester) and cheap low-carbon metal.

Poles - oak, pine, rounded impregnated, metal, reinforced concrete.

Anchors or anchor galvanized or uncoated for screwing into the ground

Lanyard with one loop - made from a rope of various designs and serves to pull the anchor post to the anchor

Tensioners - original and reliable locks-tensioners from the Grippl company, simple and durable tenwit (own production), lanyards.

Garter for grapes - a highly elastic cambric or pvc tube from Italy, high-quality and inexpensive cambric of Ukrainian production, garter rings made of cotton, strong and reliable rubber bandofixes.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Weaknesses of grape trellis and tips for their elimination.

First, the wire itself is the weak point.

 In industrial plans, grape-growing plots, as a standard, lay 120 meters for the length of the row. It should be noted that the wire is rigidly attached only to the extreme pillars of the row, intermediate pillars are used on the intermediate pillars, these can be: rings twisted from soft knitting wire; nuts welded to metal, or post-fixes (post-fix is ​​a spring wire fixture that presses the tensioned wire to the intermediate post), etc. This need is primarily due to the pulling of the wire in the spring and, naturally, it is much easier to pull the wire along the entire 120-meter row than to pull the wire between the posts every 4 meters.

Any wire will stretch. When taut, the trellis wire stretches even under its own weight. The peak of the load on the trellis occurs at the time of the ripening of the grape bunches. The environment in which the wire must perform its main functions is considered aggressive due to frequent spraying, but a new improved composition of the anti-corrosion coating has already been developed for this environment.

It should be noted that there is a huge difference in the amount of stretch between wire and rope. Because of this attractive feature, some people prefer to install a metal cable instead of a wire on a grape trellis. The idea is great, unless this cable is pvc sheathed. The PVC-sheathed cable was originally manufactured for the aquatic environment. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays of the sun and chemical spraying, the braid breaks within two to three years and the cable with a low-quality zinc coating quickly rusts. So what kind of cable can you use when installing a grape trellis? We recommend only wire rope with a zinc coating class `` C '', but the smallest diameter of such wire is 4.1 mm. The cost of one meter of such a cable is at least 16 times higher than the cost of one meter of high-carbon wire with a diameter of 3.0 mm.

The choice is yours!

The most relevant types of wires with a degree of elongation and a guaranteed service life are presented on our website.

Secondly, the extreme pillars are the place of maximum loads.

The simplest and most widespread method at one time was the strengthening of the edge pillar of the vineyard with another inclined pillar. At the point of contact of these pillars, they were tied with wire or special metal clamps. This method has its drawbacks - financial terms, work plans for installation, delivery to the field. Ultimately, they began to make metal products from sheet metal and from reinforcement (or from a metal rod), which in appearance resembled drills - this is an anchor or an anchor for the earth. By the way, an additional bush of grapes is often planted between the post and the anchor. The photo below shows how this is implemented.

For sandy and rocky areas, anchors are made for grape trellis with other features.

The anchor (anchor) for the vineyard is screwed in and left in the ground. Only a metal `` eyelet '' remains on the surface. or the so-called hook from the armature. This hook should be the point where the load is transferred through the metal cable from the top edge of the post to the bottom edge that is dug into the ground.


Third, load transfer.

To transfer the load, the rope for the grape trellis is chosen based on their financial capabilities. A 3 mm rope on an organic basis will be quite suitable for a grape trellis, but if there is a financial opportunity, we recommend installing a 4.1 mm cable on a metal basis for a grape trellis.

Many growers and large industrial companies use wire instead of wire rope. The wire is rolled several times from the anchor to the top of the pillar. Then, using a small metal rod (pipes, fittings, etc.), at approximately the same distance from the anchor and the post, the wire is twisted. Thus, the entire load of the row from the post is transferred to the anchor. Very often this option takes place while a young vineyard. But when the grape vine is large and the maximum yield is left on the bushes, the anchors from such loads begin to undermine from the ground. As already mentioned above, the technology of this design is calculated so that the load from the upper part of the post, with the help of the free running of the cable at the anchor, is transferred to the lower part of the post.

The use of wire is a reduction in the cost of construction. The reduction in price is primarily due to the fact that the non-galvanized cable quickly begins to rust at the point of contact with the non-galvanized anchor. The solution to this problem is a galvanized anchor? Yes, but not only. In the place where the cable touches the anchor, you can use a galvanized metal tube, a thimble, a clamp, tightly winding the galvanized wire along the anchor hook. Adhere to two main needs - free play and galvanized metal. Any options will do, and the lifespan of the cable will approximately triple.

Fourthly, the winding of the trellis for grapes.

This article implies that windage is the property of any object to perceive the kinetic energy of the air flow (wind). Longitudinal winds do not pose a particular threat to the trellis for grapes. Filling of the grape trellis occurs with cross winds for the structure. The abundance of vine leaves impedes the free passage of air. This occurs mainly in hilly or open steppe areas. Even the largest enterprises of Ukraine for growing grapes have been and are advancing on the "rake of sail". What can be done? The simplest and most reliable solution is to strengthen the intermediate posts of the outer rows with anchors. Additional anchors are screwed in opposite each intermediate post. Connecting the top edge of the post to the armature hook with even a few turns of wire will suffice. The upper edges of the second row for headwinds should also be connected with at least wire to the pillars of the first row. Subsequently, in places of the headwind, a living fence of thorny trees or shrubs is planted.

Now, briefly but in more detail about the main components for grape trellis, presented on our website.


About vineyard trellis wire.

Vineyard trellis wire on our website is presented - plastic, high-carbon metal and low-carbon metal.

Plastic wire is an ideal solution for private households, small backyards. Trellis plastic wire - easy to use, easy to use, withstands excellent loads, not a high degree of elongation.

High carbon wire for grape trellis is a professional solution, or a solution to deliver once and for a long time. Rigid wire, it is inconvenient to work with it, but all the difficulties in tension and fastening are more than compensated for by the minimum degree of stretching and the increased thickness of the anti-corrosion coating.

Low-carbon wire on our website is presented more for informational purposes only. There are very few enterprises left who use such wire for new plantings. Our company can supply low-carbon wire in coils of 100-150 kg

On the trellis posts for the vineyard

The choice lies between reinforced concrete, wood, metal profile and metal pipe poles. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, provided that all the pillars are made of the highest quality.

Reinforced concrete poles are the most durable, but the most expensive in terms of purchase price, transportation and the most difficult to install.

Our company sells and recommends the use of prestressed reinforced concrete vineyard poles. Weight of one post 80 * 80 * 2400 mm - 40kg


Wooden poles for a vineyard are the most economical option, but in this case - cheap does not mean bad.

Rounded pine pillars with subsequent vacuum impregnation with an antiseptic will serve in the vineyard for more than 20 years. A vineyard trellis with wooden posts looks more natural. The lightest posts, the weight of one post & Oslash; 80mm * 2400mm - 8.5 kg (based on 700kg / m3)

Metal profile posts are the most expensive posts.

Very easy to use, as they have profile notches for pulling the wire. The weight of one post made of metal 1.5mm thick (2400mm post length) is about 13 kg.


Metal pipe trellis posts are the simplest solution to get a good job. Such a design will require labor when concreting the base, cutting metal, painting, etc. But the result is durable and reliable.

On our site are all high quality components for creating do-it-yourself vineyard trellises.

We wish you a pleasant shopping!

We tried to write the most important points in our opinion! We will be very glad if our words helped you or suggested something!