Wire tensioner small Gripple 1.4-2.2mm

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Gripple small grip resins for trellis are used for connecting, tensioning / loosening the wire.Product characteristics:maximum permissible load - 300 kg;For wire diameters from 1.4 mm to 2.2 mm.Use in work with smooth me... Read more...
Gripple small grip resins for trellis are used for connecting, tensioning / loosening the wire.

Product characteristics:

  • maximum permissible load - 300 kg;
  • For wire diameters from 1.4 mm to 2.2 mm.
  • Use in work with smooth metal, plastic and barbed wire, as well as with electric wires and any type of animal fences;
  • Ideal for initial installations as well as quick and cost-effective refurbishments;
  • Four times faster than conventional methods;
  • Ease of adjustment and pull-up;

Gripple small gripple resins gripple tensioners for trellis are made of galvanized steel for a long service life. Galvanized body with two wedge-shaped grooves for the passage of the wire, as well as 2 ceramic high-precision drums (rollers) with a spring, which fix the wire to the groove walls.
The trellis wire should always be well taut. In this state, the trellis remains stable in strong winds and grapes are not injured. But under the weight of the vine and the harvest, the initial tension weakens and it becomes necessary to tighten it. Locks-tensioners for a cable cope well with this task.

Principle of their operation tensioners for a cable or wire gripple resin gripple small for trellis

Two channels for the passage of trellis wire with their own independent gripping mechanisms. The roller moves freely in one direction and grips the wire tightly in the opposite direction. Under these conditions, it always remains taut. Technical characteristics of Gripple mini: diameter of the used rope or wire; 1.40-2.20 mm; can be used with steel, polymer and barbed wire.

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