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Wooden containers for apples - a container for collecting, transporting, storing apples. Manufacturing is necessary primarily for storing apples in special chambers. The main goal is to get an apple in February or April with a presentation and taste that do not differ from the October one. After the selection of the required apple varieties and the construction of a storage facility, it becomes necessary to store apples with the possibility of quick access to different varieties. Warehousing of containers with apples from a tree is most often built no more than six floors (mainly due to the technical capability of forklifts and the height of the premises)

For apple containers made of wood, there are simple requirements for the reliability and strength of the structure, the mandatory presence of ventilation slots, a simple design will allow the use of workers during repairs without special special skills, as well as separate requirements for the quality of wood.

On our site we have collected many different modifications of wooden containers for apples, because each area has its own correct wooden container, we have collected the most popular ones, and some have been slightly edited to optimize wood waste, increase assembly speed, ease of work, without forgetting the main wishes of gardeners. It is possible to adjust any modification of the container for your purposes.